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You're Pregnant-Now What?

You're Pregnant-Now What?

Welcome friends to our second post in our series! We are so happy you are here with us today :). We will be talking about some next steps to take after you get that positive sign and we cannot wait to share our thoughts with you. 

So let’s get started.

You’re pregnant.


What a breath-taking moment to try and take in; to comprehend. No matter how you are feeling in this moment about pregnancy and all that it will entail, you deserve to be congratulated. Yes, you really do deserve it and we are so excited for you! Good will come through this moment, moments to come and especially in this trying time of our lives with pandemics, sickness, and hardship we all need something to celebrate. You are our reason to celebrate. 

In this post we wanted to go over some amazing resources, advice and tips for next steps to take after receiving that positive sign. 


Our first piece of advice is to take a moment or a few moments whether that be a week or two, a few days, hours or minutes to let yourself embrace this exciting, adventurous piece of news. Take time to celebrate, do some self care and take some deep, relaxing breaths. Whether you decide to tell family members, friends, etc. and when to tell them is completely up to you and what you are comfortable with. For now consider who is in your trusted circle and celebrate with those closest to you. The rest can wait until you are a little further along. 

If you are looking for a good timeline on releasing your precious news to those not in your close circle, general advice is to wait until after your first trimeter due to the drop in chances for miscarriage after those first 12 weeks. 

If you feel alone or that you don’t have support, please come join our Facebook group, Jess Hover and Friends. This group is a highly supportive, encouraging, loving group of parents and parents-to-be that will be your allies through your whole pregnancy journey and beyond. (We really want you there so please come! :))

Medical Care:

Okay so now that you have celebrated and have support around you, give your doctor or midwife a call to set up your first prenatal appointment! Deciding how and where you want to birth your baby depends on whether you want to have a doctor or midwife. So look into what makes you feel the most at ease and go from there.

If you already have a doctor/midwife lined up then you know exactly where to go to make that call and first visit. 

If you don’t have a doctor/midwife, Google some local facilities, clinics and hospitals near you. Most hospitals, clinics, etc. have websites listing their medical staff complete with pictures and bios  so you can pick a professional who will meet your needs best. If you pick one that you don’t really connect with early on, you can always change!


Now that you have a doctor or midwife to watch over you and baby, you might want to be aware of bodily changes that will be coming your way soon. These changes might include, nausea, body aches, heartburn, tender breasts, fatigue, cramping, etc. A couple great resources to review symptoms you could experience include: 


If you ever get concerned or have questions about your symptoms your doctor/midwife will alway be there to help put you at ease. 

Healthy Living:

We also want to encourage all pregnant mommas out there to continue or begin healthy habits to help you have a more successful pregnancy and hopefully even have an enjoyable one. This could include eating healthy, drinking lots of water, doing pregnancy safe workouts, refraining from anything that might harm you or the development of the baby, taking prenatal vitamins and of course doing some self care; make sure you are taking care of yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and/or any other way that makes you feel like you. 


Now that you have a new family member coming soon, it is important to start financially planning for another human being’s needs. Money is something everyone worries about, that’s normal and okay. Make sure that financial worry doesn’t consume the joy that your child is though. Save the best you can, budget and spend wisely. If you are still worried about being able to provide for your little one, doctors and midwives have so many options and resources that will give you peace of mind and get you support for your baby. Don't be afraid to ask friends for secondhand baby products too. It takes a village to raise a child, and it is okay if it also takes a village to provide for the child! 


Remind yourself that perfection doesn’t equal good parenting. Having the highest tech baby products, or the cutest, most expensive nursery doesn't make someone a good parent. A good parent is someone who cares and loves for their child with everything they have. The best way you can be a good parent is to care for yourself and then love your child fiercely and fully. 

If you have some more great tips for how to prepare for pregnancy and beyond leave comments below! We would love to see what helped you get prepared!

Attached is also a link to Jess Hover’s video, Pregnancy 101 - You are pregnant! Now what? For more helpful insights and advice. 

You are wonderful! Till next time!


Chloe Allen

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