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Very Good Mothers Club was started by mom-and-nanny-BFF-duo, Jessica Hover and Becca Prins. The two became close friends in 2017 when Becca joined Jessica's family in Barcelona to nanny and help make Youtube videos for her channel. When Jessica’s second baby Wilson was born, in June of 2019, Jess & Becca put out a few baby related videos which and led to a flood of new parents-to-be joining Jessica’s audience. The shift in audience motivated the two of them to make more parent-focused content and naturally as the channel grew so did their awareness of the needs of moms.

Okay... so if you have read this far... thank you. You're a true hero. This is Jessica writing and honestly I am struggling to keep things in third person so I am going to switch to first person. This might be poor form but it's late and I am way too pregnant to figure this out right now. My brain is mushy dealing with Covid, "homeschooling" my 5 year old, and trying to keep my one year old son alive... I can't be bothered to sort out my grammar right now. So once again, thank you for understanding.

Back to our story: Once we focused our energy on making content for parents we recognized some common themes in the lives of new moms. We saw that while new moms are full of love and great intentions, they’re also dead tired, often lonely, regularly unsure of themselves, and very tired. (I almost deleted the second "tired", because it was an accident to put it twice, but I am going to leave it in there because it's clearly so real it deserves a second appearance.) So moms are largely lacking community... and good sleep. Alongside their emotional needs, we also saw there were practical needs too. Daily I received messages from mothers looking for products and apparel which could make their lives easier and more fun.

We decided to create a space which would be an extension of my online presence, where sleepy moms could gather and receive the care they need. Since people frequently comment on the non-judgmental, humorous and encouraging way I speak about the challenges of motherhood; we wanted Very Good Mothers Club to embody those qualities too. It is our goal for V.G.M.C. to be a sisterly community; a place for encouragement, vulnerability and laughter; a space where judgement is not welcome, but ALL moms are. Every product we offer enhances the life of a mother and her people, and our membership-based community exists to meet her emotional needs too.

Thank you so much for being here and we wish you all the best in your parenting journey!

So much love to you,

Jess Hover, Becca Prins & the Very Good Mothers Club


Becca and Jess standing in front of the Very Good Mothers Club Shop