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Coaching for expectant mothers

For many women, having a new baby invokes feelings of confusion, loneliness and isolation. Here at VGMC, we do not want this to be your story. We have designed our group coaching program so you will feel confident, connected and secure as your little one enters the world. Through meaningful conversations and guidance from parenting experts you will feel supported throughout your pregnancy, delivery and long into the "4th trimester".

Group Coaching

Learn more!

Group Coaching

Learn more!

What You Can Expect

Weekly coaching calls are done via Zoom and hosted by Jessica Hover. The weekly itinerary will be catered to you and the unique needs of group members. We will cover the practical basics of delivering your baby and becoming a parents. If you already have a child we will process the transition of adding a new member to your team. We will also dive into more complex topics like identity, relationships, emotions, sex, and staying mentally well during this life-changing process. The other moms in the group will be in the same stage of life as you and serve as friends, cheerleaders, and middle-of-the-night responders... because they too will be awake with their baby and happy to chat in our forum or direct messaging platform.

Group coaching members will also receive access to the larger VGMC community.

One on One

Coaching Call

With Jessica Hover

If you are in need of more personalized support in your parenting journey and want to talk through your situation with Jessica Hover you can schedule a 60-minute call with her. Jessica is co-owner of VGMC, a mother of 3 young kids, and consistently creates encouraging content for growing families. She has over a decade of experience speaking into the lives of women and is able to offer emotional support while helping her clients navigate things like relational issues, identity struggles, body image, lack of direction in areas related to parenthood or work, and more. *

Before scheduling a call please visit Jessica Hover's YouTube channel so you are familiar with her style. If you don't like her on youtube, you probably won't prefer her on a coaching call either. :)