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Supporting moms

(online + in-person) so they can thrive.

June Weekly Calendar

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WHY Does vgmc exist?

Recent brain research indicates that birth to age five are the most important years in a child's development. However, mothers frequently report feeling their worst during those early parenting years! Between the sleep deprivation, identity changes, hormonal shifts, isolation, marital struggles, work challenges, and the mental load of starting a family, our society does not set up mothers to thrive. Very Good Mothers Club exists to solve this problem. We are here to help mothers feel their best while they do so much for everyone else.


Very Good Enough Podcast

Very Good is a moving target, but we think you can be a very good (enough) parent if you love your kid, try hard and do your best to repair your mistakes. Join mother of three Jess Hover and preschool teacher Layne Deyling Cherland as we swap stories of toddler penis pride and backward diapers, celebrate the days in between celebrations and answers listener questions every week.

Group Coaching during pregnancy

Our group coaching program is designed to help you feel confident, connected, and secure as your baby arrives.

Happier Mother Coaching Call

With Jessica Hover

If you are in need of more personalized support and would like to book a 60 minute coaching call with Jessica Hover, we would love to help.