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Maternity Clothes...Am I Right ?

Maternity Clothes...Am I Right ?

If pregnancy isn't hard enough, with all the changes that are happening, adding shopping for maternity clothes that you are supposed to feel good and confident in, can feel incredibly overwhelming. 

Coming from a person who personally enjoys shopping and putting outfits together, trying to figure out what to wear each morning as my belly grows and grows more each day has turned into a real nightmare real quick. Feeling confident while pregnant is so important and crucial to not just surviving pregnancy but actually loving your life through this beautiful process of pregnancy. I’m sure I’m not the only woman who has felt uncomfortable in their changing body and ultimately new clothing that comes along with the process. 

So in order to have a more positive outlook on my body and what I put on it, I have found a few ways to feeling our best when it comes to wearing maternity clothing that will help us all feel amazing even with a growing baby bump. 

Here's a few ideas!

  1.  Stick with your pre-pregnancy style if you love it. So much is changing already without having to reinvent the wheel on a new style. If you don't love your pre-pregnancy style, maybe with all that is changing now would be a good time to try some new looks to really feel confident! 
  2. Don't be afraid to show off your bump! Tight-fitting clothing isn’t the best for pregnancy, but form-fitting clothing can highlight your beautifully growing bump in really cute ways!
  3.  You don't need to go and buy a new closet full of clothes! You'll be surprised at what you already have that will work with your changing body. See what you have then go out and add a few transitional pieces that you can wear again and again while mixing up your clothing combinations.
  4.  Relax and have fun with what you wear! Don't be afraid to think outside the box to find things that make you feel amazing. My new favorite is biker short leggings! (They go with EVERYTHING and make my bump look so cute! :)) 
  5. Lastly, stop comparing yourself to others and give yourself some much needed grace, and love for yourself. You are beautiful. Enough said. 

Out of all the advice and opinions out there, the most important thing I can share when it comes to maternity clothing is to find something you feel confident and comfortable in and then to love the heck out of yourself. 

We can do this.

You are beautiful. 


Chloe Allen

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