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Welcome to Our Series 

Welcome to Our Series 


To start off, thank you so much for being here! We are so happy you are here allowing us to be a part of your day and we hope in some way we can make it a little brighter. 

In this blog space we are beginning a series that will work through every phase of parenthood from conception, birth, infertility, adoption, depression/anxiety and beyond. Whatever your story is, we will do our best to talk about it here- a safe place where you and your loved ones can come to feel heard, accepted and to know you are a member of a friend group that has your back no matter what stage you are in. So please leave comments below if there is something in specific you would like us to cover!

So let’s get started.

At some point in your life whether it started at a young age when our imagination is at its peak or is relatively recent due to reality or curiosity setting in, the future of your life has come to mind. There are many paths, estuaries and byways you could choose to take in your life and yet no matter how hard we set our compasses to course and prepare for the journey we want to embark on, life has her own way of sculpting us into someone far different than we could imagine. We are being pruned for the best version of ourselves, whether it feels that grand or not and independent of our passions, work, residency, health, finances, or love, it’s all on the table; up for grabs by forces outside of our tangible control.


Children, and when they come into this world, into our lives, is no exception. 

So what do you do when life gives you the unexpected? Or how do you move forward when you do get what you planned for, yet it isn’t quite living up to the expectations you crafted so detailed in your heart and mind? 

Whether you:

Planned for children

Didn’t plan for children

Never wanted them to begin with

Wanted them later/sooner in life

Wanted them without the loss that came with it

Wanted them without struggling through infertility

Wanted them without complications

Wanted them not originally through adoption 


Whatever you want(ed), whatever your life experience may be with children, I can promise you that we will talk about it here in ways that will hopefully help you feel better than when you came; learning, increasing and expanding the love for the child you will love no matter the outcome or the what-ifs.

And perhaps even more, learning, increasing and expanding the love we need to have for ourselves. 


- Chloe Allen

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  • Hannah Vasquez

    I would love to read/hear about how people balanced their role as husband/wife with being a parent and how they came to agreement on how to parent.

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