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Podcast Questions

This is where you can submit questions for the podcast!
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  • Capri

    Hey Jess and Layne! I was hoping you could cover a subject where I’ve had trouble with Ziggy for a while. He gets really emotional when playing around other kids his age (cries, tells them no). This happens either if a friend comes to visit, which I understand more because the child is trying to play with his toys but it’s also a big problem when we’re at a playground, he’ll get possessive over the slide for example, and will cry if any other kid wants to have a turn. He doesn’t act like this at daycare at all so I think it might be when I’m there. I explain to him that everyone is playing together and that it’s fun to play with others and take turns, other times he gets so dramatic I just take him away from the situation. Any tips??

  • Sina Hernandez

    Dear Jess and Lane, I am a German follower that has been here since Jess’ pregnancy with Wilson. I loooove this new podcast and am hoping that maybe you can adress this issue in your podcast.
    So we are bicultural, my husband is from Chile and we have a 1 yo and a 3yo. This april we will be moving from Germany to Chile. Do you have any inspirations and thoughts on how to communicate to our 3yo that we will be moving to the other side of the world? Not to mention that he will “lose” his little kindergarden-buddys and his grandparents (although of course in Chile my husbands family will be expecting us with great joy)?
    Would love to hear from you and send a big hug.

  • Lena

    My three-year-old is and will always be an only child. Sharing is haaaaard for her—even a piece of trash that another kid holds all of the sudden becomes her most prized possession. She becomes manic and aggressive about it and then it becomes really hard for me. I find myself getting really authoritarian about it and it’s not cool. Part of what I am grappling is this desire to teach that THINGS aren’t important, it’s RELATIONSHIPS and compassion and even the beautiful creativity that can come from loss that is important. But I think I might be missing the point when it comes to how to nurture a three-year-old’s sharing spirit…help!

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