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Hormones & Then Some

Hormones & Then Some

“Oh it’s just pregnancy hormones.”

“She’ll be like that for the next nine months.”

“It’s like walking on eggshells around her since she’s been pregnant.”

Whether you've heard it on T.V. or in real life, it has become very common, if not expected, to blame women’s behavior, (especially negative behavior or moments) on pregnancy hormones. It has quickly become comical to the point of seeing it in sitcoms, movies or even the punch line of a jab/joke at a family gathering regarding women lashing out or having a short fuse while pregnant. Sadly it has even become accepted-okay even. And while, yes, when women are pregnant we are raging with hormones of all kinds, for purposes of all kinds, we must remember that our hormones do not control us, but rather the opposite.

We can control how our hormones affect our behavior. Breaking down in a puddle of tears is sometimes more than we can control, but we do have control over how we treat those around us despite how we may be feeling. Women are so much more than the chemicals brewing inside of us as we grow another human life. We are creating a miracle and are kind, powerful, gentle creatures that are valued beyond any worth. 

Be kind to yourself when hormones do somehow escape in a less than flattering way. Give yourself grace and remember that you are more than any hormones inside of you-you are kind, you are good and you make the world better because you exist. 

Despite the war that is raging inside of each of us, I promise one day the war of bodily changes within you will subside. So until then be kind to yourself and to all that come on your path and know that you matter. 

With love,

Chloe Allen

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