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Very Good Mothers Club

Angel Box

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Hello beautiful you. We are assuming that you are viewing this product because someone you love is grieving the loss of a baby. We are so deeply sorry. If our assumption is incorrect and in fact you are the one with the broken heart, experiencing a loss of your own baby, we are heartbroken for you and wish that we could give you a real life hug. You are so precious and this angel baby is too.

We have put together an "Angel Box" or "Loss Box" because we have been made aware of the common desire to comfort friends through miscarriage and loss but the lack of ideas on how to do so thoughtfully. We hope this heartfelt box will remind sweet suffering mothers that they are seen and they are loved. 

What is in the box?

  • A journal for the mama to document her thoughts, prayers and/or doodles during her grieving process. (*not the journal in the photo - the new journal is from Occassional Motto, handmade in Irvine, Ca and is a natural brown/beige color)     
  • A card from HeartSwell Prints which can either include a message from you; a comforting message from another mom in the Very Good Mothers Club who has experienced loss; or the card can be left blank for you to write in at a later time. Please specify your preference upon ordering & if you plan to include a personal note you can include that in text box
  • A necklace from Bloom & Press Florals with a real pressed Forget Me Not flower inside. Please specify whether you want silver or gold. 
  • Liana Lane Art
  • The bundle arrives in tissue paper which says "You are loved" and a sticker designed by @shop.lovealice with an illustration of a mama holding her little angel