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For Mothers due August, September, October 2022ūü§ć ūü§ć¬†

For many women becoming a mother is an experience which invokes feelings of being lost, lonely and isolated. This group coaching program is designed to help you feel confident, connected and secure as your little one enters the world. You will better understand what is happening to your body and baby and feel supported throughout pregnancy and into the "4th trimester". 

Once a week we will have coaching calls/classes together via zoom led by Jessica Hover. The conversations of the group will be catered to you and your unique needs. We will cover the practical basics of delivering your baby, caring for yourself + your little one. We will also dive into more complex topics like identity, relationships, emotions, sex and staying mentally well in this life-changing process. The other moms in the group will be in the same stage of life as you and serve as both friends, cheerleaders, and middle of the night responders... you know because they will be awake with their baby too and happy to chat. :) 

By joining this group you will receive: 

- Access to the larger VGMC community 

- Two personal calls from Jessica Hover at the beginning & end of the summer to check in on you and see how things are going

- 8 weeks of personalized group coaching + new parent classes

*As a member of this group you can have additional one-on-one coaching calls with Jessica Hover at a rate of $60 an hour, which is $25 less than her normal rate. 

-  A T-shirt from VGMC

 **Access to your private forum of mom friends begins as soon as you join & you are welcome to engage there before the official calls begin. The calls will be scheduled according to the availability of the group and recorded in case you cannot be a part of them and need to view them later.

***Jessica Hover is a life coach, doula, and mother of 3 young kids. She has been speaking into the lives of women for over a decade and will help you lead you through this program.