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Very Good Mothers Club

Mom Hat

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Typically called a "Dad hat", our "Mom hat", in rose and embroidered with the classic peony design, is not just an accessory to make your cute Motherly head even cuter. It's actually to protect you pregnant ladies from getting melasma aka "the mask of pregnancy". During pregnancy we are especially sensitive to sunshine and are likely to develop brown sun spots on our cheeks, nose, upper lips, and forehead. But this hat will help us stay adorable while keeping our skin safe. And don't worry, if you have already had your baby and aren't concerned about melasma, this hat will serve you too. The Mom Hat protects you from having to tell people that you haven't showered in days and it conceals any of the hair loss you may have experienced in those first couple months postpartum. Just toss your amazing oily locks into a ponytail and hide it under this hat. You are good to go. 

**PS. Hey Mom. We think you're as beautiful as ever. Even without this cool hat. There is no shame in sun spots, oily hair, hair loss, or any of the other less than glamorous side effects of growing and birthing an actual human child. Wear a hat or don't. Just know that we think you're exquisite.